Cash Raffle Background How our raffle odds compare to other raffles such as Mega Millions and Power Ball with the purchase of a $20.00 Ticket you have a chance to win the Grand Prize of $20,000.00 with incredible odds of 1 out of 1500 tickets sold Mega Millions odds compared to, with a purchase of a $20.00 Tickets you only win $10,000.00 and the odds are 1 ticket out of 32,448 raffle tickets that wins the Grand Prize Power Ball as it compares to with a purchase of $20.00 worth of tickets their odds are 1 ticket in 68,907 tickets that has a chance of winning the grand prize of $10,000.00 These are estimates based on the purchase of $20.00 worth of Raffle or lottery tickets, odds may change at any time and Silicon Ro Foundation presents these odds only as a referance, each individual should do their own research to see current odds a group of student raising their hand in class Cash Raffle Logo at Power Ball Logo Mega Millions Logo Winning Raffle Ticket Drawn May 1st, 2013 Raffle Beneficaiary; Silicon Ro Foundations GEO Fund Do good Donate a Like one raffle ticket costs $20.00 Registered Legal Raffle with Florida License #CH34840 Raffle odds are one in 1500 The Education Raffle Grand Prize is $20,000.00 Twenty Thousand dollars in Cash Stack of money in hundred dollar bills Safe being blown open by gold coins Woman holding a pile of money in her hand Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Raffle License
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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Raffle License 2013-2014 3nd Annual Cash Raffle for Education

Happy Holidays and thank you for taking the time to visit us. The 2013-2014 cash raffle is our third annual raffle where we raise money for children's education through our Global Education Outreach Fund or in short The GEO Fund. Through this fund Silicon Ro Foundation provides, after school tutoring programs, reading campaigns to get parents involved in reading with their children, school supplies to low income rural communities and connect volunteer teachers to areas in need in poor & emerging countries.

This cash raffle is also a very rewarding way to raise money because it gives us a chance to give back to our wonderful supporters throughout the years by offering the chance, for one lucky winner, to win the $20,000.00 Grand Prize. We call this a Win/Win situation where both the children and our supporters Win. This year's raffle tickets cost only $20.00 per ticket. You can still buy as many raffle tickets as you wish, the more you buy the better your odds of winning the $20,000.00 Grand Prize.

The second thing we did was limit the raffle ticket count to only 1,500 tickets. That means that the odds of winning are Super compared to other raffles. Just do the math, if you multiply 1,500 Tickets X $20.00 you get a total of approx. $30,000.00 minus the credit card processing fees of which approx. $10,000.00 go towards our programs and approx. $20,000.00 Cash towards the Grand Prize.Why do we stack the odds in your favor? We really want to promote our raffle and since we are in it for the long run we want to make sure that we give back to you, our supporters. And besides raffles are supposed to be exciting and fun. In case ticket sales do not reach 6000 tickets, well that's ok too because then the pot will be split 50/50 between the winner and our foundation. See complete Terms & Conditions here.

Best of all our foundation is run by volunteers so the money we raise does not go towards lavish salaries or excessive administration fees, 100% of the money raised go into our educational programs. We also made it very easy and safe to buy our tickets through Google Wallet, Paypal, or Amazon Payments. If you do not have an account with them they also process credit cards. Thank you for supporting children's education and wish you Good Luck in Winning the $20,000.00 Grand Prize.
The winning ticket will be drawn on May, 1st 2014! The winner will be notified and posted here on our website.

President Silicon Ro Foundation Cash Raffle
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Raffle License